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How to use the inflatable seesaw correctly?

Date: 2021.09.08

Hundreds of inflatable seesaw games for kids are produced by our factory, it is very hot sale for indoor playground or kindergarten. More and more clients want to know how to use it correctly and what do we need to notice when using it? There are...

Skiing and BMX airbag landing

Date: 2021.09.08

Inflatable airbag landing for BMX, FMX, and Ski 1. Features Fully customizable size, shape, and design The shape and size of the AirBag LANDING are fully customizable meaning it can be manufactured to cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hi...

Important note: Please order products three months in advance for holiday events!

Date: 2021.09.08

Are you planning to use any inflatable products for your Halloween events, Christmas events, or Happy new year events? For these activities, classic and traditional products are usually chosen, such as inflatable snow globe, Santa Claus model, and...

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