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Skiing and BMX airbag landing


skiing and bmx airbag landing 1

Inflatable airbag landing for BMX, FMX, and Ski
1. Features
Fully customizable size, shape, and design
The shape and size of the AirBag LANDING are fully customizable meaning it can be manufactured to cover virtually any landing surface, ramp, hill, or contour. An inflatable safety barrier can also be added on the sides of the landing area to prevent riders from sliding off the AirBag.
Adjustable softness and firmness
Multiple adjustable air valves allow for precise and independent adjustment of the firmness of both the upper and lower air bag chambers.

skiing and bmx airbag landing 2

Inflatable ramps
Our inflatable ramps are cost-effective, mobile, and ideal for setting up at events and competitions.

skiing and bmx airbag landing 3

2. How it works
The AirBag LANDING has a two-zone impact absorbing system, each with its internal blower system. Both zones have several air valves which allow you to adjust the zones independently and precisely. Set up a soft upper chamber with a firm lower chamber for trying tricks for the first time. Ready for the real deal? Set the lower chamber a bit softer and the upper chamber firmer and get ready to ride out those tricks and progress!

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